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‘A modern woman for a modern time’

ALSCT reimagines ‘Beauty and the Beast’


For the Gazette

While some may think of “Beauty and the Beast” as a saccharine Disney production, for local theater director Dave Grout, the musical is a timely tale of a young woman standing up to a male aggressor and carving out her own path in life.

Amherst Leisure Services Community Theater (ALSCT) is staging Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” at Bowker Auditorium at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, with nine shows, from January 11-14 and again the following week, from January 18-20. “Beauty and the Beast” is the 25th major production by ALSCT, an allvolunteer community theater company. (Editor’s note: Reporter Sandra Dias’ daughter, Avy Dias-Plavcan, performs as a teacup in this staging of “Beauty and the


Jayson Paul, who plays the beast, and Rebecca Flinker, who plays Belle, rehearse for Amherst Leisure Services Community Theater’s production of “Beauty and the Beast” at Amherst Regional High School. The show opens on Jan. 11.


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